About me.

Born in Mexico City on 1994.

Valeria, at the early age of 11, got interested on gymnastics which later developed in an interest for aerial silk. She discovers juggling at the age of 16 but it’s not until 3 years later that she begins a serious juggling formation instructed by Raúl Cañas Zamora. This formation has been complemented at several circus spaces in Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, Portugal, UK, Norway and Italy.

Valeria has basic knowledge in the disciplines of chinese pole, unicycle and is specialized in juggling and foot juggling. She has performed in some of the most important theaters in Mexico such as “Teatro de la Ciudad Esperanza Iris”, “Teatro Julio Castillo”, “Teatro Raul Flores Canelo”, etc. as well as performing her foot juggling act internationally in Spain, Portugal, England, Italy, Lebanon, China, and Turkey.

Valeria has been supported with artistic residencies in Portugal, England and Spain to continue her personal artistic projects. She was awarded with the scholarship “Creadores Escenicos 2017” by FONCA.

She collaborated as juggling teacher inside the program “Initiation to Circus and Street Arts” at Mexico’s National Center of Arts.

Valeria was part of the cast in the show “Cirkunia” (directed by Rob Tannion and Jorge Diaz). Most recently she participated in the International Circus Festival Circuba 2018 with her foot juggling act.